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aim, prepare, release.


Purpose Institute is a tool in the hands of local church pastors, regional leaders, and missionaries throughout the world to raise up leaders for the harvest. The Rock Church is one of many campuses around the globe committed to training and educating leaders through a series of courses that will challenge and increase your knowledge.

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We are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Here at The Rock Church, our mission is to take the knowledge of the gospel of Christ to the whole world; to seek and save the lost, and we are committed to loving and serving others...

God loves a cheerful giver. When we give to the Kingdom of God, we are investing in something that has eternal rewards. Don't miss an opportunity to help us reach the world and touch the lives of those in need...

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The Rock Church has passionately devoted its energy to serving God by serving others. We are a dynamic, holiness church with the soul purpose of reaching for those that are hungry for God. The Word of God says that miracles, signs and wonders will follow them that believe and here we have witnessed many miracles of healing, deliverance and salvation! We welcome you to come and experience the power of God for yourself and join in worship with us! We would life to invite you to come and get involved; there is a place and a purpose for you here!




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